ECL Entertainment are creating a women’s FIFA esports competitive calendar in 2022 which will feature some of the best female players and aspiring esports athletes from Europe and North America.

The current FIFA FGS competitive events have a distinct lack of female participants. Evening the playing ground, ECL wants to be a driving force in supporting female players and help close the skill gap to their male counterparts.

The aim for creating a women’s event is to help with talent identification which will allow orgs to decide which female players they could sign and develop from a skill aspect but also commercially to give females more exposure.With prize pools available for each event, this will allow female players to compete for a total prize pool of over £4500 in FIFA 22.

Having worked with some of the top female FIFA players and content creators for close to 3 years ECL have a very clear understanding of what female FIFA players need to allow them to grow, compete and to push towards ending sexism in esports and gaming. This is knowledge gained from having a close relationship with a number of talents within the FIFA and wider gaming and esports space.

ECL have partnered with RUSHGG for the female esports cups and will be kindly providing their platform and the prize money needed to activate the events. RUSHGG as a company understands the importance of equality in the esports and gaming space.

ECL talent will also be powering monthly community cups on the platform which are open to everyone to join, this will allow females within FIFA 22 to create their own FIFA tournaments and give them vital industry experience in the operational aspect of Gaming and Esports.

Rush and ECL will be holding a talent competition to run alongside the events to help uncover female FIFA content creators and streamers, creating more pathways for girls in the esports and gaming space.

Björn Rüssel, COO of RUSHGG underlines: “We are proud to have partnered up with ECL and Her Game Too. We are driven by our belief, that all gamers are equal and that there is no place for any form of sexism, racist or hatred, neither in real life and nor in gaming and esports!” 

Her Game Too are fighting to eradicate sexism in traditional football, an issue that has also been seen in gaming and esports. Together they will aim to create awareness around the subject with the creation of Her Game Too gaming ambassadors. 

Her Game Too was founded by 12 passionate female football fans, who are committed to growing the campaign, with the aim of fostering an ethos in football in which women are welcomed and respected equally. There are clear similarities in the goals between ECL and Her Game Too. 

Founder of Her Game Too Caz commented: “It’s an honour to have formed an official partnership with ECL – we are working hard to tackle sexism and misogyny in the traditional footballing world, so it makes sense to branch out to gaming where the problem unfortunately also exists. We look forward to working together with ECL to promote equality and champion women in gaming.”

ECL have confirmed their first brand partners for the events, this will also play a crucial part in the female creator’s journey as they will be able to work alongside brands, gaining experience in brand activation and deliverables. 


ZGame energy drinks will be sponsors of the first ECL/ community cup, Zgame is a gamer focus and wellness blend, which is a healthier alternative to gaming energy drinks. The products have a focus on taste, effect and wellness, whilst the company has a focus on giving back to their community and the planet. When Paul and Tracy McConkey heard about the events, they were keen to show their support and in a joint statement added “the opportunity to sponsor these events to help level up females in the gaming and esports industry is something that we fully wanted get behind. We hope that many benefit from these events and look forward to seeing the next talent break through in the FIFA 22 space due to the pathways we are creating.

Z Game are a company focused on doing good and we’ve long known the challenges female gamers face.  At Z Game we’re totally opposed to any form of bullying or discrimination, so we love what ECL are doing and are incredibly proud to be part of their journey.

The ECL events will be kicking off in February 2022 and will be a mainstay of the FIFA calendar for the foreseeable future. 

In a closing statement from ECL, founder Naz commented “Working alongside females in the gaming and esports space has given an appreciation of just how hard the girls have to work to get the same amount of support that their male counterparts often receive. 

The loud minority of people that choose sexism and hate to make women feel uncomfortable within gaming and esports is not ok. 

We have worked alongside women that have achieved some amazing things and have signed with the likes of Portland Timbers/Thorns, FUTWIZ, SAF, Chicago Fire and JLingz esports. These girls are true trailblazers in the scene. The next logical step is to create more pathways for others to follow  which is the main objective of the events we have planned.

We thank all of our partners for supporting us and cannot wait to showcase the female talent in the FIFA 22 gaming and esports space”

Craig Winfield is leading up commercial and press enquiries, interested parties can contact Craig at to find out more about the event.